Wednesday, 26 September 2012

16 awesome Google search tricks to become a power searcher

7. Filter your rangeYou can filter your range in search results. Suppose you want to buy a laptop and your range is from $200 to $300, You can now use range operator to filter your results. Just use $200..$300 or any other range you want.For instance: Laptop for sale $200..$300Now all results will appear where you can buy laptop from $200 to $300.
8. Exclude a word or phrase from search resultsIf you want search results to exclude any word or phrase your can use - just before the word. For instance: Blogging tips -ebooks9. Exclude a site from search resultsYou can exclude a site as well from your search results. Just use before or after your search query.For instance: Google search tricks -site:etechniques.blogspot.com10. limited site search trickThis is one of the most used Google search tricks used by bloggers and site owners to locate that all of their pages are indexed or not?
If you search for any word or phrase, Google displays thousands and millions of sites that may have the same word or phrase. But you can filter it to one site by using before or after your search query.For instance: Google search tricks site:etechniques.blogspot.com11. Search for specific file typeYou can filter your search results with specific file type. Like pdf, csv, doc and etc.For instance: SEO starter guide filetype:pdfYou can search any other filetype instead of pdf.
12. Similar search trickYou can use "

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